Welcome to ZR One.

With the rapid development of technology in modern society, consumers now have more and more choices on how to communicate with a brand or service. With this increase, companies need to stay in the loop, which is why our clients have chosen to outsource to ZR One.

Expert Team

The team at ZR One have years of experience achieving results in events, marketing, promotions and demonstrations. We are driven to succeed for our clients and for ourselves.

Why Us

Undoubtedly the one thing that separates us from every other events company out there is our unique approach to ensuring success with the event campaigns we manage.


Our support extends beyond providing event campaigns. We have been instrumental in ensuring the brand we work with know how their customers feel about the product.

Creating ideas and brands that matter

We know that running a business brings with it a series of challenges. But, working alongside ZR One you’ll see the benefits immediately with our high-quality business support and experience that can help you every step of the way. Our event marketing systems are flexible and can adapted to any industry we apply them to.
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What We Offer


We cut through the noise and deliver the results! Under promoting and over delivering is our philosophy in all aspects of our business.


As a company ZR One bring bespoke traditional marketing techniques into the modern world with innovative and creative ideas.

Dedicated Team

Having a fun and productive working environment we are able to ensure our clients get the results we promised.

We’re Growing

As an events and marketing company, ZR One excel in delivering exceptional customer service on behalf of our clients. Alongside progressing young entrepreneurs to become distinguished in the field of business development.